We believe in providing children with opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, creatively and cognitively in a safe, healthy and happy environment that is both a consistent and a predictable fostering co- operation, and has a sense of responsibility and order.

Each family will have access to quality, inclusive childcare.

All children are encouraged to participate in activities to develop their whole body coordination, hand-eye coordination, expressive language and listening skills.

We respect the child as a whole, offering guidance when needed while at the same time, understanding the child’s individual personality and needs.

Our goals

• Provide a stimulating, safe and healthy environment.
• Provide well- trained staff.
• Provide a well balanced diet: the children will receive two snacks (a.m, p.m.) Snacks will be planned in accordance with Canada’s food guide for healthy eating.
• Provide a well- planned curriculum.


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