Our Program

Our Program

Program activities are designed to meet the needs of diverse ages and developmental levels. Curriculum is developed from observation of the children’s interests, and builds whenever possible, on encounters beyond the classroom.

We have incorporated a multicultural component including a foreign language program: Country Lane Spanish Program for Children that fosters an environment of mutual respects and promotes healthy learning and development.

In addition our program focuses on a special topic each week, ranging from holidays, and seasonal activities, to the children’s areas of special interests.

Music, movements, art activities and story time are part of every day.
Art experiences will involve a variety of materials. Music is presented with games, instruments and a growing repertoire of songs.

Fine motor development is enhanced through manipulative, puzzles, cutting and introductory handwriting activities.

Efforts are directed towards nurturing creativity and self-esteem through such activities as block building, clay modeling, sand and water play, dramatics, cooking, experimentation, and field trips.

Moreover, through these “hands on” activities, children are introduced to concepts in math, reading and language.

The organization of the classroom as well as the time for the children to choose activities allows freedom to explore areas of interest and help to develop the children’s own independence.

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